Pallas version 3.8.2 version d released.

Pallas was released today in a new version. The following items are changes from the previous release 3.8.2.a:

  • Pallas license management has received clearer notifications when a user reaches the limit of the assigned maximum.
  • Importing and exporting parts (items) between collections and external collections (in another file) has been improved and offers more comfort. The handling sometimes suffered from minor errors, which meant that in certain situations the import action did not run completely without problems. This has now been improved. Quickly comparing a database with multiple collections is now also possible, without having to manually switch between collections.
  • The Pallas repair tool that repairs damaged databases has been improved. If previously common fields (location, manufacturer, etc.) were cleared, this also meant the end for all components that used these fields. The repair tool cannot restore the missing fields, but it can provide the parts that would otherwise disappear with an emergency solution.

Pallas can be downloaded from the download section.