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Pallas 3.3.0 ready for download

Today Pallas 3.3.0 is ready. This version has the following improvements and extensions:

  • Pallas now has a built-in HTTP server with which the collections can be searched via a web browser.
  • Pallas language support in the Unix variants has been greatly improved.
  • Pallas can be started without a GUI to run as a daemon so that HTTP requests can be executed.
  • Pallas is available for the first time as an installer for deployment on FreeBSD
Start of the HTTP Server (Apple Mac version).
Pallas query through a web browser.
Pallas running on FreeBSD in Chinese.
Pallas in Spanish, running also on FreeBSD.
Pallas in German, with the Web Browser for searching parts.

As is customary, all Pallas downloads can be found on the the download page.

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Pallas version 3.2.4 is ready

A new version of Pallas is ready!

Main changes compared to the previous version:

  • A database can be opened in read-only mode. The database therefore remains frozen and no changes can be entered. Switching between read-only and read + write can be done very quickly and easily by a new menu choice.
  • Initialization of the database is now carried out more subtly, so that many small changes to the DB are no longer necessary. The file therefore remains more stable and that is nice if the file is saved in version management.
  • Version management interface gives better notification of the actions being executed.
  • Various minor bug fixes and speed improvements.

Pallas can be downloaded from this location.

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Pallas 3.1.2 launched

Pallas 3.1.2 is ready for use!

The changes in this version compared to the previous version are:

  • Auto generation of item numbers made possible.
  • Expanded spreadsheet options (CSV file).
  • Project rules adjust the labels in the project field when the line is selected.
  • DB overview is only adjusted if the DB has actually been changed.
  • Repair of the DB extended with new checks and repairs.
  • Bug fixes performed:
    • Projekt field adjustment led to a SQLite error in a trigger ==> solved.
    • Quitting under Windows with top right cross button led to not saving a memory database ==> solved.

As with previous releases, check the download page for the latest downloads.

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Pallas 3.1.1 is ready

Pallas 3.1.1 is ready for use!

The changes in this version compared to the previous version are:

  • The layout columns are now saved per collection.
  • The last supplier is now stored per collection.
  • The search engine used is now saved per collection.
  • Bug fixes performed:
    • Deleting of a collection did not go well any more and led to a crash ==> solved.
    • Updating of collection and project properties led to error messages ==> solved.
    • Layout of Tennis management was not correct ==> improved.
  • Speed improvements performed so Pallas starts up faster.

As with previous releases, check the download page for the latest downloads.

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Pallas 3.1.0 launched

Pallas 3.1.0 is ready for download today!

The changes are:

  • A choice between simple search and extensive search has been made. This makes it possible to show the largest possible field of results and to limit the search action to a single field, which can be used to face all fields.

  • A few smaller bugfixes were executed.
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Pallas RC3 launched

From today, Pallas Release Candidate 3 can be downloaded.

Pallas has the following improvements and changes as working additions to RC2:

  • Pallas can now also attach images to an item. These images can be of the following types:
    • PNG
    • JPEG
    • TGA
    • TIF
    • GIF (read only)
  • Pallas can also store the generated bar codes with an item.
  • There is a preview of the image in a separate viewer.
  • The demonstration database has been expanded with a book collection and images.
  • Various minor software errors have been detected and remedied.

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Pallas RC2 version launched

Pallas, the advanced inventory management package, is now available in the Release Candidate 2 version. The changes with respect to the RC1 version are:

  1. Multilingual capability extended to :
    1. Dutch (Nederlands)
    2. German (Deutsch)
    3. English
    4. Chinese (traditional) (中國佬)
    5. Chinese (simplified) (中国佬)
    6. Japanese (日本人)
    7. Korean (한국인)
  2. Extended search capabilities
  3. Various smaller bugs solved.



Pallas shown the demo database in Japanese (Pallasはデモデータベースを日本語で表示しています)


Pallas shows the demo database in Chinese (Taiwan) (Pallas用中文顯示演示數據庫(台灣)

Pallas can be downloaded in de RC2 version from  this location, and is free for use up to one hundred (100) elements in the inventory.