Seamless multi platform Software development

In today’s fragmented it landscape, it is important to be able to serve as many customers as possible with a software product.

Writing an application just for Microsoft Windows is no longer the standard, because many customers prefer to use Apple Mac or Linux.

An option would be to use Java as the cross platform engine. Java has many advantages. However it should be noted that there are also disadvantages:

  • Java is slow and bulky.
  • Java programs require a JRE to run on a computer.
  • Java programs look different than ‘ real ‘ programs on Windows/Mac and so on.
  • Java cannot be reliably used on small embedded platforms, so sharing custom libraries between a desktop and an embedded is not easy.

Are you looking for a partner who develops fast, compact, secure (because compiled from C++) and ‘ real ‘ Windows/MAC/Linux applications?

We can assist you with the development of Cross-platform programs based on WxWidgets on your favourite platform. These are a few of the advantages that we provide:

  • We can set up your desktop development development environment to you preferences – be it Windows,Mac or Linux.
  • We can provide you with assistance to integrate your existing software libraries with wxWidgets.
  • We can help out with the integration of external software components in a multi platform configuration – for example, cross platform integration of the SQLite3 database engine.
  • We can assist you with layout and design issues.

An example of a multi platform software package is the freely available Speex Embedded Encoder.