Pallas the inventory manager

Pallas is software for inventory control and project management.

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Pallas is a software program that is used for inventory control, such as managing one or more collections of various items. Pallas features very fast searching and locating items based on a number of criteria:

  • The name
  • The physical shape
  • The manufacturer
  • The storage location
  • The number in storage
  • An identification number
  • a URL to a supplier or manufacturer

Pallas was designed for making an inventory of large quantities of items. Pallas can manage items in an unlimited number of collections, where each collection is characterised by a theme- for example a collection of tools, a collection of audio CDs or a collection of office articles.

Pallas is available in a free version, where up to fifty (50) items can be entered.


If more items are to be entered, then a licence must be purchased.


Pallas enables the user to quickly find an element, based on search criteria that can be entered easily.


A combination of search criteria, optionally supplemented with date criteria, can be assembled in a short time. Pallas does not require an internet connection and as result, is fast and responsive.

Pallas contains an embedded web browser for quick and easy access to web-based information on the items .


Supplier information about an item can also be requested through the web browser :


Pallas can be used in with a supplementary bar code scanner and is capable of generating bar codes itself.


Pallas offers the opportunity to manually enter item iformation, but you can also use the built-in capability to read an inventory list.


In addition to managing inventory, Pallas can also manage project. In Pallas, multiple elements from multiple collections can be bundled into a project. Pallas will calculate how many times the project can be executed based on the number of items in the collections.

Assignment of collection items to project items


Pallas features a user interface in the following languages :

  • English
  • German (Deutsch)
  • Spanish (Se incluye una interfaz de idioma español completa)
  • French (une interface complète en français est intégrée)
  • Dutch (Nederlands)
  • Japanese (完全な日本語インターフェイスが組み込まれています)
  • Korean (완벽한 한국어 언어 인터페이스가 내장되어 있습니다)
  • Traditional Chinese (內置完整的繁體中文界面)
  • Simplified Chinese (内置完整的简体中文界面)

Examples of running Pallas in different languages :

Pallas running in Simplified Chinese (Pallas以简体中文运行)
Pallas running in the Japanese language (パラスは日本語で走っています)
Pallas running in the Spanish language (Pallas corriendo en el idioma español)

Other features

  • Pallas is not a cloud based service Pallas that runs from your web browser, but a real PC program. This offers the following advantages :
    • Pallas manages the data on the PC itself. The data are safe and nobody will get their hands on the data unless the user wants that.
    • An internet connection is not required. Using Pallas, the user is independent of any service provider for the given functionality.
    • Pallas runs without an interpreter (Java) and therefore it is fast and compact.
  • Pallas does not manage sales processing nor does it support financial data with regards to the items. It is therefore less suited for a sales or marketing function.
  • The data in Pallas resides in one single file. This file can be copied, sent by email, stored on a USB stick, put in a zip file etc. Data management is very secure and extremely simple.

Availability, price and licence sale

Licences for Pallas can be purchased in the web shop.

After purchasing a licence, the licence can be exchanged for a larger licence, which will cost on the the difference in price.


Pallas is available for Microsoft Windows (7,8 and 10) in 32 en 64 bit variants, Apple Mac OS X (10.7 and higher) and Linux (Debian 32 and 64 bit package).

Pallas can be downloaded from the download location.