Multi platform software development

It is important to be able to serve as many customers as possible with a software product. Simply writing an application for MS Windows is outdated, because more and more people also work on an Apple Mac or Linux.

Are you looking for a partner who develops fast, compact, secure (because compiled from C++) and ‘real’ Windows/Mac OS X/Linux applications for you?

We can help you further with the development of Cross-platform programs based on wxWidgets. View below the three variants of the Boombaard program that has been developed with wxWidgets. The source code is written only once, but leads to three variants of the program:

As can be seen, the three versions are identical in their functionality and appearance. The Mac version uses the OS X Cocoa toolkit, the Windows version is based on the Win10 SDK and the FreeBSD version is based on GTK+3. wxWidgets controls the control of the platform toolkits used.

wxWidgets is thus a “super” toolkit that respects and follows the default layout of the target platform. This makes programs written with wxWidgets indistinguishable from programs specially developed for the platform. Other multiplatform toolkits (such as Qt or Java) take this less or not into account, so that the program runs, but shows different behavior per platform in terms of functionality. However, this is an unwelcome side effect!

In combination with the use of CMake, the deployment of wxWidgets is fully connected to the platform used. A CMake project set up with wxWidgets leads to:

An Apple XCode project on Mac OS X.
A Microsoft Visual Studio project on Microsoft Windows.
A Jetbrains CLion project on FreeBSD, Linux or Mac OS X.
A terminal (GNU make, Nijna, Code::Blocks or other) based project for all Unix-like systems.

Integration with a multiplatform database (SQLite3) is also possible.

Examples of multiplatform applications that have been developed in this way are:

Would you like to know more whether we can be of service to you in building your application in this way: Contact us and we will work on your product.