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Pallas inventory management software is ready for download

As of today, the inventory software management package Pallas is read for download!

Pallas facilitates the management of large quantities of elements. I wrote Pallas to manage my inventory of electrical and electronic components, and I have used if for a number of years in my company. After adding a few improvements and broadening its scope beyond electronic components, it is now ready to be used for a substantial range of inventory management chores.

The lack of finding a suitable software package to do what I wanted to do – control my company’s inventory of components in a local database that was reliable yet simple prompted me to write the application myself – an investment that pays off over time but I am very satisfied with it. I was unable to find anything fulfilled these requirements, some were too amateurish and small, other were too complex and too expensive. I think Pallas fits nicely in between these two extremes, it is small enough to run on any modern PC yet  it can store millions of records.

Please visit the page about Pallas for more information.