Pallas for FreeBSD (AMD64, version 12.0)

This is the FreeBSD version of Pallas. It runs on FreeBSD 12.

  1. Make certain that you have wxWidgets 3.1 and SQLite3 installed.
  2. When using the tar ball, extract all the files in the root (/) by untarring the tar ball in /. When using the shell script, execute it with the option –prefix=/.
  3. The executable will be placed in /usr/local/bin, the shared files will be placed in /usr/local/share.
  4. Run Pallas as /usr/local/bin/Pallas .


Pallas for Ubuntu Linux (32 bits)

This is the Linux version (Ubuntu Linux using Debian packages) of Pallas.

Below can be seen the Linux version running in Korean.