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Pallas version 3.7.0 released

Pallas was released in a new version today. The following items are changes when compared to the previous release:

  • Import and export of items from and to external Pallas databases now possible.
  • Import of complete collections from external Pallas databases now possible.
  • Various bug fixes with regards to using the internal and external clipboards.
  • Upgrade to wxWidgets version 3.2.
  • Various SQLite3 performance improvements implemented.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Pallas can be downloaded from the downloads section.

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Pallas 3.3.0 ready for download

Today Pallas 3.3.0 is ready. This version has the following improvements and extensions:

  • Pallas now has a built-in HTTP server with which the collections can be searched via a web browser.
  • Pallas language support in the Unix variants has been greatly improved.
  • Pallas can be started without a GUI to run as a daemon so that HTTP requests can be executed.
  • Pallas is available for the first time as an installer for deployment on FreeBSD
Start of the HTTP Server (Apple Mac version).
Pallas query through a web browser.
Pallas running on FreeBSD in Chinese.
Pallas in Spanish, running also on FreeBSD.
Pallas in German, with the Web Browser for searching parts.

As is customary, all Pallas downloads can be found on the the download page.

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Pallas version 3.2.4 is ready

A new version of Pallas is ready!

Main changes compared to the previous version:

  • A database can be opened in read-only mode. The database therefore remains frozen and no changes can be entered. Switching between read-only and read + write can be done very quickly and easily by a new menu choice.
  • Initialization of the database is now carried out more subtly, so that many small changes to the DB are no longer necessary. The file therefore remains more stable and that is nice if the file is saved in version management.
  • Version management interface gives better notification of the actions being executed.
  • Various minor bug fixes and speed improvements.

Pallas can be downloaded from this location.